Project overview

The product

A task organiser app for busy individuals. Especially those who work on or manage multiple projects. Perfect for freelancers with many clients or working parents trying to keep a handle on their schedule.

The problem

Busy individuals with multiple tasks on their agenda need a way of organising their lives so they can easily see what needs to be done. Moreover, such individuals who work on several projects at a time and have various areas of life to organise, need a system that is able to separate those tasks into a user-friendly task list that helps them get things done.

The goal

A distraction free app, with the ability to sensibly organise many unrelated tasks. It’s not just a task app, but a task organisation app. Keep your life organised and your mind free to focus on what needs to be done.

User research

Pain point

For users who have multiple/complex projects or multi-faceted lives, keeping track of everything that needs doing is frustrating.


Create a system that can intuitively organise tasks into different categories and sub categories.

Pain point

For users with lots to do, task creation can be overwhelming and annoying. Especially if some items are ‘tasks’ whereas other are ‘appointments’.


Design a user-friendly way of quickly creating tasks that can also automatically become part of a schedule.

Say Hi to our Users.


"I have lots of projects on the go, and need to stay productive"


– Keep clients satisfied.
– Meet deadlines.
– Be productive and complete tasks.


– Forgetting about an important deadline.
– Keeping track of long to-do lists.
– Recording completed tasks at the end of the month.

Elena is a freelance copywriter who works from home. She is highly motivated and over the last few years she has managed to garner several long-term clients. She also gets several new small jobs each month amongst her usual work.