Portfolio for IOTA Foundation

Stage 1 – Read/listen to brief and ask questions if necessary.

Stage 2 – If required, I’ll do research related to the product. E.g. current visual trends, target market.

Stage 3 – Depending on the project, I either do 1 or a combination of the following:
(a) Create a moodboard
(b) Find inspiration
(c) Create a list of keywords
(d) If I’m confident in a conceptual idea I’ve thought up, I’ll head straight into designing

Stage 4 – Start exploring design ideas in design program of choice. Either Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign or XD. On occasion, I’ll use a pen and paper at this stage.

Stage 5 – Create a range of options and then further develop those options down to a few for client to choose.

Stage 6 – Receive feedback and further develop the design.

Stage 7 – Repeat stage 6.

Stage 8 – Present and hand-off final design.

On the odd occasion, if I strongly believe in a design I’ve created, I’ll take my chosen design and urge the client to use it without seeing other options. (thus essentially skipping stages 6 and 7.

Print Layout

Web Mockup and Logo design - Pure Tooling

Layout - Hummingbird

Branding and Packaging - Montgomery's

Social Media - HollyBlue Academy

UI/UX - Chess World

UI Design - Bad Day to Fly

UI Design - Super Panda